This policy and related policies apply to Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College (HKCC) for the purpose of which is to outline the management of personal information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”).


HKCC is bound by law to comply with the National Privacy Principles (NPP’s) contained in the Federal Act. HKCC undertakes as a policy, not to interfere with an individual’s privacy rights in the way we collect use or disclose the personal information of any persons who provide HKCC with such information in the course of carrying out our functions as retailers. The College at all times handles the personal information we collect, use or disclose in a responsible way, that ensures individuals a degree of control over their own personal information.

Applies to

All HKCC Team Members and stakeholders.


All Team Members must adhere to the requirements as set out by this policy, the related policies and any procedures to facilitate the implementation of these policies.  Questions about the operation of these policies and procedures can be directed to the Privacy Compliance Officer.

Policy Guidelines

The Privacy Act 1988 will apply to HKCC from 30 June 2008, meaning that from this date, all areas of the business will comply with the National Privacy Principles.

Employee records in relation to team members are exempt.  Employee record means a record of personal information relating to the employment of the Team Member.

Personal Information is defined in the Act as “information or an opinion in any form about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion”.

The collection of sensitive information is prohibited.  Sensitive Information is defined in the Act as information or an opinion about an individual’s

  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinion(s)
  • Member of a political association
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations
  • Philosophical beliefs
  • Member of a professional or trade association(s)
  • Member of a trade union
  • Sexual preferences or practices
  • Criminal record
  • Health information about an individual.


Specific procedures on how HKCC collects, uses, stores, maintains and destroys or de-identifies personal information is detailed in the related policies and procedures and should be followed at all times.

Collection of Information

HKCC collects personal information by the following means

  • Telephone & facsimile
  • E-mail
  • Internet Site
  • Application for Employment
  • Occupational Health & Safety.

Personal information, which is collected by the above means, is only used for one HKCC function or activity and only for the purpose for which it was collected.

At or before the time (or as soon as practicable after), HKCC collects personal information about an individual from the individual, HKCC will take reasonable steps to ensure that the individual is aware of

  • Our identity and how to contact us
  • The fact he or she is able to gain access to the information
  • The purpose for which the information is collected
  • The organisations (or types of organisations HKCC usually discloses information of that kind)
  • Any law that requires the particular information to be collected
  • The main consequences (if any) for the individual if all or part of the information is not provided to HKCC.

If HKCC collects personal information about an individual from someone other than the individual, we will take reasonable steps to ensure the individual is or has been made aware of the above matters.

Disclosure of Information

HKCC will not use or disclose personal information about an individual for any secondary purpose, other than the primary purpose of the collection unless that secondary purpose is related (directly related in the case of sensitive information) to the secondary purpose and the individual would reasonably expect the disclosure in the circumstances or unless consent has been given in writing or permitted under the Act.

The related policies contain specific statements on disclosure.

Date quality and Integrity

HKCC will take all necessary steps to ensure that any personal data collected, used or disclosed is up to date and accurate. HKCC has taken all necessary steps to protect the personal information it holds from any misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Personal information is held in both on computerised databases and in hard-copy files.


This Privacy Policy is available to anyone as are the related policies. Further upon request, HKCC will make available to any person or organisation the sort of personal information we hold and the purpose of collecting, holding, using and disclosing such information.

Access, Complaints & Requests to Change Personal Information

Where HKCC holds personal information about individuals, those individuals will be able to access that personal information upon request unless the request is frivolous or vexatious, would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others or access is otherwise not required by the Act.

Where HKCC holds personal information about an individual and that individual is able to demonstrate that the information is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date, HKCC will take steps to correct, complete or update the personal information.

If there is a disagreement about the accurateness, up-to-datedness or completeness of the personal information and HKCC has been asked to associate the in dispute information with a statement by the individual that acknowledges their disagreement.  HKCC will do so upon request.

Any personal information will only be changed or access granted after the individual has positively identified him or herself.

Requests for access complaints or requests to change personal information must be made to the Privacy Compliance Officer. All access requests must be directed to the Privacy Compliance Officer.

Customers can request access to view &/or change their details at any time, which must be provided within 30 days. If Customers request to lodge a complaint, they may do so in writing directly to the Privacy Compliance Officer whose contact details should be provided to the Customer.

The Privacy Compliance Officer

The Principal


02 9482-1189

Once received, the Privacy Compliance Officer will review the request/ complaint and contact the Customer immediately and resolve the matter within 30 days of receipt.


HKCC does not identify any individual by any Commonwealth government identifier such as Medicare or Tax File Numbers.

Third Party Relationships

HKCC has entered into various third party business relationships to assist or facilitate various initiatives. As per our policies and procedures when entering into relationships with third party business providers that they are aware of and have agreed to abide by this policy to use the information for the purposes that is released to them.